HEPA air purifier

Healix HEPA Air Purifier

Healix HEPA Air purifiers to turn any indoor space into a environment with an active defence system against viruses.


Healix HEPA air purifiers are plug & play sets (no installation required) to convert any interior space into an environment free of contaminating particles and thus leave a much healthier air.

It is designed to reduce the viral load of the rooms given the constant air renewals that it carries out.

The Healix HEPA Air Purifier is one of best choices for defence against viruses, dust and allergies.. While some air purifiers just provide one stage filtration, this model features an advanced 3 stage air purification system including a Pre-Filter, HEPA and an activated Carbon filtration technology to remove all forms of airborne contaminants that can have a negative impact on your health and well-being. Each stage is specifically designed to filter out different types of particles and pollutants, leaving you with nothing but clean, healthy air. It captures everything from dust, pollen, pet dander, mould and even helps reduce the smell of cigarette smoke too! The product is specifically designed to be used in commercial spaces like Clinics which require continuous heavy usage. Its body is made with a high-grade GI sheet and is power coated to protect against corrosion.


  1. Reduction of dust particles, odors and contaminating microorganisms. Thus creating a healthier environment. Ideal for people with allergies and asthma.
  2. Aside from a healthier work environment, our air purifiers reduce the need for cleaning by removing a large portion of the dust that is generated daily.
  3. Double filtration stage with a ABSOLUTE HEPA H13 filter packages and a Pre-filter that in a matter of hours will reduce a large number of particles in the air such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, molecules, etc.
  4. Available version with UV-C lamp and photocatalysis to inert the particles captured by the filters.
  5. Equipped with high efficiency and silent fans to guarantee low energy consumption.


  1. Designed for all kind of indoor spaces such as:
    • health sector
    • Offices
    • Hotels
    • Homes
    • Universities
    • Colleges

    In short, for any public space where high-quality air purification is required since REINTAIR® purifiers are equipped with high-efficiency HEPA H14 filters.

  2. Designed to be easily moved in indoor spaces, which makes them the best solution for: Ventilation of workstations.
  3. The health sector (waiting rooms, corridors, rooms, field hospitals, common areas, clinics, pharmacies, etc.).
  4. The tertiary and industrial sector (offices, hotels, universities, schools, public institutions, warehouses, living rooms in restaurants).
  5. The residential sector (single-family flats and houses).


Strong GI Chasis powder coated to resist environmental damage. Very strong and durable and designed to function in both humid & dry environments like in India.


Healix HEPA Air Filter
  1. Course filter (Pre-Filter)
    A pre filter is used in air purifiers systems to remove large particles such as dust and lints. This type of filter can be reused after being washed or vacuumed.
  2. Hepa filter (High Efficiency particulate Air)
    This type of filter can remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any other airborne particles with the size of 0.3 micrometers.
  3. Activated Carbon filter
    It can be used to absorb particles and trap odors. Carbon air filter use activated carbon to trap chemicals and gases, and can also filter cigarette smoke.