cell cam


Intraoral camera for Smartphone.

cell cam supports Android and PC


CellCam Brochure

Easiest way for Patient Education

You can explain the diagnosis & observations of an intraoral checkup to the patient by showing them on a mobile phone. Simple OTG connection directly to your phone displays the output of the CellCam Intraoral Camera directly on your phone. As simple as it gets…!

No clutter

Your computer is generally at a distance from the dental chair & hence the intraoral camera needs to be connected with long cables. With the CellCam Intraoral Camera directly connecting with your phone, your clinic is free of clutter & is easy to use.

Share Intraoral Images & Videos

Your CellCam Intraoral camera is connected to your phone. Your phone is the easiest device for sharing content, photos & videos. You can share images & videos from your intraoral camera with patients & colleagues over email, whatsapp or any other content sharing system or network.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Connect the CellCam with the OTG connector cable to the Phone.
  2. Download an OTG Camera App like CameraFi. Start the App.
  3. View the output from the CellCam intraoral camera on your phones screen.
  4. Use the App’s Capture button to click photos or shoot videos.
  5. 6-LED illumination system auto-adjusts to any practice lighting condition.
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