Conmem Pro Gold

Conmem M3-Pro Gold

High-Tech Memory Alloy 6-File System

  • Advanced Memory Alloy Technology.
  • Imported material and time of resistance to cyclic fatigue is up to 720 Seconds.
  • Suitable for Curved Canals.
  • Reserve the dentine as many as possible.
  • Reliable tip design avoiding ledge and transportation


  1. Measure the length & negotiate the canal by #10 stainless steel K FILE.
  2. Negotiation by #15 stainless steel K files.
  3. OPEN FILE to open the 1/3 upper part of orifice. Speed 300rpm, Torque
  4. Irrigate, then build a glide path by PATH FILE #20. Speed 350rpm, Torque .
  5. Use brushing motion with M3PG01(white), M3PG02(red), M3PG03(double red), M3PG04(green), and short 1-2 mm amplitude strokes to prepare to working length, until it does not glide easily any more. Speed 350rpm, Torque 2.0/1.5/
  6. It is very important to irrigate and negotiate the root canals when near 1/3 of the apical part to remove the debris. Repeat the above steps until is prepared to the working length.


  1. Every time you change a file, please ensure to lubricate with enough EDTA frequently. (very important!! )
  2. Anterior teeth: 20 root canals/file.
  3. Posterior teeth: 15 root canals (or 5 posterior teeth).
  4. Preparation of the sharp curved root canals does big damage to the instruments, we recommend one-time use.